Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twist Around


This hairstyle works well with curly, wavy or straight hair. Thick hair is a little harder with this style, but I've seen it work

 Part the hair on the side. Spray hair with water, and get it just moistened. You don't have to do this, but the twist comes out more nicely. 

Get a small section of hair from the front. 

Divide that section into two equally-sized pieces.

Place the front piece over the back piece. You will be twisting towards the top of the head.

After the first twist, you will add to the hair in your left hand only each time you cross the left hair over the right. Twist. Add hair from the bottom. Twist. Add hair from the bottom. Continue around the head until you reach the opposite ear.

Add remaining hair that is in front of the ear to the hair from the twist and secure with a hair elastic.

We usually curl the loose hair with a curling iron because my daughter likes curls. (Sadly, she no longer calls them Tigger Tails due to their bounciness. They are just bouncy curls now.)

Today, we decided to add hair twists for a little sparkle. Just twist them in where you think they'd be pretty, and you're all done!

We hope you like our sparkly twist around. Be sure to come back to see what we combine with this hairstyle. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So pretty! Cute without the sparkle for everyday hair, and great for dressier days with the sparkle twists. :)

  2. Thanks so much! We hope to have more hairstyles posted soon. Be sure to come back! :-)

  3. So nice hair style thanks to post such types hairstyle for kids.

    1. Thanks! We hope to add more one of these days. Have a great day!