When I was in seventh grade, I went to our church youth camp. The junior and senior girls all quickly whipped their hair into French braids, and I could not figure out how for the life of me. I came home determined to not be left behind in the braid department. I tried many times. I wound up with tangled knots over and over. I somehow ended my braid quite near my ears a few times when I was trying to go straight down the back. I finally got it after much practice. The key to doing your own (for me anyway) is to stay away from the mirror. Talk about mixing up your hands! Now, I have a little girl to practice on all the time. Little girl hair is so much fun! Luckily, she puts up with me and lets me play with her. We are always looking for new inspiration and fun new ideas from the many little girl hair blogs (and big girl hair blogs) out there. Hopefully, you will find some new ideas here. We have a sweet eight-year-old brother who has offered to be our photographer, so please be understanding. :-)

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