Waterfall Twist Around

After doing the waterfall braid all the way around from one side to the other, you are ready to begin the twist around. Pick up two pieces and twist the left piece over the right towards the top of the head. Work carefully because waterfall braids aren't that durable. If you pull the hair away from the head too much, your waterfall braid will loosen.

Just like in the previous twist around tutorial, you will only add hair to the left piece and never to the right.


Continue adding hair to the left piece and twisting over the right piece. Smaller sections tend to make prettier twist arounds.

When you get to the opposite ear, add in the small braid from the end of the waterfall and the remaining hair from the front and gather into a hair elastic.

Take a small section of hair and wrap around the hair elastic. Hold that in place with a second hair elastic.

All done! We like this because we have the prettiness of the waterfall with the durability of the twist around.

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